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— Deciphering 'Word' —

The words in this glossary are frequently used in this mentoring. The definitions are placed here for you to wonder and wonder and wonder...for years.


So...go within.


(Keep ego from interrupting.)

Let your core awareness bring through soul-level cognition.

True Insight occurs only when guided by unbiased altruism.

By the way...Look up the origin meaning (etymology) of words. Understanding may grow.

(the long dash implies what cannot be fully known)
 incalculable Agency of Influence.

  ~ ~ ~

A n g e l s 
Presenters of Good.




They prevent separation from G–d.

A w a k e 
Wholistic intrigue.

Fascination with the mystery of Connectivity.

B r e a t h 

The in-breath is the Maker Energy.
Breath is not the exhale.
Exhale resumes circulation within the all.

C o r e
 of Good
The Holy Guard.

Keeps daemons from destroying the All Good. 

If this pure center—our Holy Core—is believed,

selfish focus fades.

D a

A quality of G–d that reserves all for use.
Proponent of right acts.

It is Air…(not only planetary).
Da pulls what is of use into a circling effect.
Circumspection is thus made possible.

D a e m o n 
Self-emphatic Spark of G–d.
And yet nothing is clear about its reason for alertness.

So this ‘Spark' of G–d made an apparatus of self-recovery…a framework of self-unfolding, self-seeing pertinency—'I am’. 

The ‘I am’ is a processor. Experimenting is its key of in-perpetuity. 
This motivated ongoingness, and the employment of mystery.
Riddles are, after all, in need of solving...

Each daemon is an Evocation of G–d as Seer and Solver.

Each of us is of an original daemon...
caused by G–d to repeat the chronicles of G–d.

The origin daemon was created to stay exactly as created to be. 
Yet within the swirl of remembrance, most revolted, for each intimately knew its key nature to be a specific, caused remedy—an agent of shift.

Separating from Unity with ALL IS, it sought to improve the collective Wit through desire for integration.

(There is so much more.  small book is on the agenda.)

D E I 


Made so that Purpose will be achieved.

In DEI, time is not measurable.

DEI unveils and clarifies.

D e n d r i t e 

Dendrites motivate answers as they purchase information then propel it on an active flow line.

Each human person is just a dendrite—a carrier nature...part of a massive, multi-layered Link system.

As dendrites, we are flow-through connectors...a link
 within the complex of unfolding intelligence.

D e s i g n

At the origin, countless Designs began in order to Author precise *Verses in which G–d Moves.
Each is flawless.

The Design is Made knowable when G–d Causes a way.

Impersonal love is sufficient for G–d to manifest a 

Design who fits into the frequency of need on this plane, and breaks all barriers to bring G–d through.

You are an offshoot of such a Design.

E g o 


Our experiencer.

F o r G i v e 

All that is gathered in each moment needs to be seen to.

Without Forgiving, chaos reigns. Forgiving offers our chaotic uncertainty to a higher Vantage of non-ego. The next moves have sufficient efficiency.
 Only then are mis-takes correctable.

Solution for the great unfolding of the holy design.

H u m i l i t y 

Pride and embarrassment have no authority, no place.
Only via humility shall G–d enter and revise your plan to suit the astonishing purpose of Serving Wholeness.

H u m o r 

Force of aha. Authentic responsiveness.

Humor keeps us alert to riddle and process.

It helps us realize.

I S 

Non-particle. Ineffable. 

IS absolves and absorbs the Light of 11 dimensions, 
yet has no way to be measured.

I S is always pre-pubescent, introspecting.


I S has prescience, yet is only current.


A non-dimensional riddle that, like a net, 
covers all flow with perception.

Neither G–d, nor not.

Always unfolding wholism,
 ISNESS has no perversion of time.

L i g h t
One of the more esoteric (unknowable) words.

Light is an illuminator.

Intelligent. Penetrating. Revealing.
If allowed to move ‘outside’ of altruistic Love,

Light complicates.
Without LoveLight is (d)evil.

L o v e 

The thoroughfare of ALL-THAT-IS.

From Love, illumination is available. 
All riddles resolve.

M i n d

A tool to grow awake in.
Made of transmitters.

M o m e n t 
An impetus into insight and incentive.

Each moment gathers a theme.

There are holy Moments—

wholeness themes.
Holy Moments are held in stasis
while Good Purpose is motivating the Wheel
of Absolute Recovery to prosper

in That Which IS.

Moments are what already is

and shall not undo.

N a m a s t e 
From the divine of this I AM, I recognize and am in allegiance to 
the divine within you.

N a m e 
Exactness of purposefulness.

A true Name rarely descends into physicality
 until Love issues that one is ready for G–d to motivate

and express through.

R e a l i t y 

Having nothing false nor imagined.

S a i d

What is pre-Sent.

Not to be changed...for it is Named Right.

T e a c h e r 

A true teacher is open to Love’s wording.

Love enlightens.

T h a t 
W h o l e n e s s—All that IS

W e i r 

A lightly held gathering place in the Flow of all Time through which clarity evolves.
It establishes how Truth shall work out solutions
for each human.

The Weir provides a calming influence so that Truth 
can move us into higher functionality.

W e l l 
RePresentative of G–d.
It provides healthy responsiveness and productivity.  

W o r d 
The ‘Forth’ G–d.

Approximates G–d Nature.



Begins to coordinate current.
Anointed purpose.
Act is the Intention of Word.
Word is Made in order to carry Good into function.

True Word manifests via undivided, impersonal Love.

Only if it has the Sound of G–d in it, is Word Causal

— motivating flow, realization, and connective converse.

Holy Word
does not change.

Y e s h u a 
A Sun of One Viable Word brought an Angel of Good into Miriam’s womb to meet the infant. As he was just crowning his way here, the Angel began inducing a great Viability of Oneness into the newborn’s G–d genome, that He be able to say and imbue the words he used with the true

Sound of G–d.

Yeshua became Agent of G–d...
made to appear to any who are willed to Know G–d, 
that each be thus entered by the

 and born again, as Agent of Good.

Although He is called by many names...

Jesus; Son of G–d; Christ; Counsellor...

He is the constant Pre-Sent that Incites the Truth of

'As it is in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,

G–d...without end'.

Z e r o 
Fundament of LIGHT prior to an Identity.

In the recognition that there is nothing to attend from sense mind,
 we are made into precept, and Sent forth as Good.

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