An ongoing, open course in consciousness unfoldment. 

If you are new to these conference call Links, get acquainted with Annam's way of Interviewing Wholeness
  'Wonder' through some interviews, podcasts, and videos (See under 'About'. Look on YouTube and Soundcloud.).

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Each call catalyzes a strong alignment and communion with Source Awareness. These are poignant focusers of ongoing awakenings and the ensouling of your life. Attending takes commitment and focus. You come to decode and integrate the Reasoning of One, and to remove the veils of the sense mind.

This is a discipline and adventure!

If you feel ready for a deep integration into the Well of One Nature, there is a mystery of math—a MetaMath— that, if sincere, delivers you to an astounding revisioning of life.

40 sessions within an 5-8 month period is such a metaMath. All 'adds' up.

—S C H E D U L E— 
 Sun: 8a pt  20-60 min.  
 Mon thru Fri: 7a pt  12-20 min 
 Tues interactive: 9 am pt  1 hr
   email Annam for conference# & protocols

C o n t r i b u t i o n (suggestions)
$7-10 (inc. download)
Downloading only: $5/session
• Prepaid: $300 for 3 months: unlimited teleLINKS.

 If you discontinue, you may request reimbursement, or apply the monies toward a personal session or course.

“I could not speak; something was happening... My heart, expanding? How do you even bring words to describe these places?!I felt you with me. I felt you speaking directly to what I was experiencing. As if you were exactly with me. As if it were closer than you and I on the phone. That you were actually here, all the way beside or even inside me. I can’t tell you what that feels like. Truth. Heart-flooding truth. The door of something did just close behind me... the idea that I was separate from spirit. The idea that I was ever separate.”—(J.G., CO)

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