A N  N  A  M


an honorific to replace the individual  focus on Elle Collier Re

Annam translates to...    

  - nourishment (Sanskrit)
  - undifferentiated soul (Celtic)

  - blessed; gift (Arabic)


As Witness of G—d Presence & Intent, Annam provides a way

...to bridge to whole consciousness 

...for the body's awareness to become a divine instrument
...for soul embodiment
...to be Love-Wisdom reliant

...for the fulfillment of intelligenceL o v e

“The Lord God has given me

   a well-trained tongue,

that I might know how to speak to the weary

    a word that will rouse them.

Morning after morning

    he opens my ear that I may hear;

and I have not rebelled,

    have not turned back.”

(Isaiah 50: 4-5)