A  N  N  A  M


Isaiah 50: 4-5.


The Lord God has given me

    a well-trained tongue,

that I might know how to speak

to the weary

    a word that will rouse them.

Morning after morning

    he opens my ear that I may hear;

and I have not rebelled,

    have not turned back.

an honorific given to Elle Collier Re    

  - nourishment (Sanskrit)
  - soul (Celtic)

  - blessed; gift (Arabic)

Lifelong Witness of G—d Presence and Intent
From age 8, an overarching sense of G—d Presence 
started a multi-decade journey...
 • unveiling the code of divine Word
realizing and living by ITS holy tenets
 • offering the means for others to also enter, realize and abide therein.

Foundation Principles
The code of Word is Law. Law is truth, one of two Foundation Principles. 
The other is Good.

Truth reSolves whatsoever is resolute into the other Principle—Good.
acts as key to discernment. It opens an access door from ego-cultivations to mind-boggling innuendo:  G—d as Uni-Versity.

Good is exact and ongoing.
Good is G—d expressing via timeless, holy Love.
Good is G—d in multiple, wholly Function.

Using these Principles led Elle (Annam) to undivided awareness and the unveiling of a major gift—the capacity to retrieve whole content of divine purport, and birth its meaning into our own language.


Annam provides a door to—
   bridge to whole Consciousness
  • soul alignment and embodiment 
 tools to be Love-Wisdom reliant

  • the fulfillment of intelligenceLove

"You are Called...yet you must finish Choosing to be Chosen. Then your due Design reinstates and issues Good to earth."