Personal Immersions at The HeartGate

This on-site immersion training in awareness helps integrate the Light at the end of one's personal tunnel-vision by the very 'stern' fact that ordinary, everyday activities are our bain.

Can you live with a Teacher?
It is difficult...even improbable, unless you are a natural devotee.

If you are such an adventurer into holiness, an immersion will involve you in...
 • deep inner study

 • mentoring with Annam

 • inner practice while focussing
    in every category of normal life 


• $140 for one full day: (no overnight)
     includes personal mentoring

• $200 per diem if just 1 or 2 days
     (1 night lodging, meals, mentoring)

• $110 per day for a 3-6 day stay

• $700 per week

• $2200 for 1 month ($73+/night

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    2121 Reed Road   •   Hood River OR 97031 


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