This Offering is recognized as a not-for-profit—INEI RE.

Our 501(c3) status was awarded in 1998.

  The purpose of INEI RE is to—
  • welcome all who seek the Wisdom of GodNature

  • heal ancient rifts between human and GodSoul

  • reveal our multi-layered wholeness
  • help release addictions to the 7 'deadly sins'
  • broadcast the Holy Reason for Love

  • be Good in action



Support is through CONTRIBUTIONS and tithings.

Ways to contribute:
• Direct payment via your bank app or on-line account

• Bank-to-bank service, e.g., Venmo; Zelle; Google Pay

             (call or email and we will hook you up)

• Checks:

   2121 Reed Road
   Hood River OR  97031

• If you need to use a credit card, we have PayPal 

   ——(please add 3% to cover the fee.
   If from another country, please absorb extra taxes/fees.