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INEI RE is the official name of this Offering.

It is a 501(c3) not-for-profit. (93-1275613)

  The purpose of INEI RE is to—
  • heal the rifts between human and Soul
  • release patterns and conflicts
  • enter multi-layered, multi-dimensional wholeness
  • offer practice in letting 
God resume as the seat of Intelligence
  • broadcast Love

  • be Good in action

     • DIRECT PAYMENT via your bank

     • DIGITAL WALLET, e.g., Venmo; CashApp; Zelle; Google Pay

     • CHECKS:

           2121 Reed Road
           Hood River OR  97031


If you choose to use PayPal,
  please add 4% tax for their fee

  If from another country,
 please include extra taxes/fees.

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