This Offering is authorized and recognized as a not-for-profit organization. The 501(c3) status was awarded in 1998.
INEI RE is the non-profit entity.

  The purpose includes to—
  • welcome all whose interest is to open and live 
   within the Reasoning Wisdom of wholly Good.

  • heal the ancient rifts of a human to its GodSoul.

  • educate, and inspire expansive realization.
  • help release injustice, narcissism, and prejudice
    in all its colors—cultural, religious, political.
  • broadcast the Word of Love and illumine
    the ways of service in practical altruism.



Contributions and tithings are the means of support.

Direct payments or check is preferred.
Ways to contribute:
• direct payment via your bank.

• bank-to-bank service, e.g., Venmo; Zelle; Google Pay

   (call or email and we will hook you up)


• Send checks:

   2121 Reed Road
   Hood River OR  97031

• If you have to use a Credit Card

   PayPal can be used to donate
  (please add 3% to cover the fee)  –>

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