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In others' Words

(Several sharings from K. Robertson, UT)

“I started to study with Annam in a community of fellow students almost by accident, and I at once began to change. The speed with which the changes now come is startling. There is probably no website nor written work that would have caused me to understand that this was possible or even interest me in the work prior to being in a workshop with Annam.” 

“The first reason that I gave myself (little by little) to fully accept Annam's teaching, is that I watched her carefully with other students as well as with myself. Her relations in satsang were 100% on duty, always loving, radiantly intelligent, and stunningly accurate. I know now that she doesn't do her own thinking. She listens to Source—the ever moving Voice of the moment. She is the best listener that I have ever met. Since she follows the word of Source, she is at once the most liberated and the most enslaved person I have known. The choices are not hers.”

“What Annam offered me is genuine experience. Immersion. First into the energy field of unity, and most recently, into that of Love. Before I began studying with her, these were merely good words for the intellect. Sutras such as 'consider your neighbor as you would wish to be considered' were cookbook recipes for right living. I tried but always came up short, because the authentic energy of Unity was not my experience. Intellect and good intention were tools inadequate to the task. Unclear as to how the magic—the change—occurred, I am now of the energy that nourishes both neighbor and myself. The cookbook is no longer necessary. My neighbor and I are both the cooks and the feast. The celebration has begun and I've an invitation. Wouldn't miss it for the world. There are likely no words that could have led me to understand this possibility.”

(P. Halstead, CA) 
“I know of no other teacher today that I could personally study with, who has proven over a six year period that she is totally committed to my awakening. Elle teaches that we do not awaken by ourselves. This is not a personal trip to enlightenment, but a journey to discovering, not only the divinity within, but the divinity in each you meet. Connecting with that. It’s a tall order, but very necessary if we are to solve the problems of earth. I truly believe that in order to awaken in this incarnation, it is necessary to study with a teacher who can help. Elle (Annam) is that teacher, and in fact what is described in some traditions as a close teacher; a final teacher.”

(E.Sawyer, OR)

"Words cannot express enough the gratitude I feel at having you come into my life experience at this time. You are absolutely Awake and have effortlessly and lovingly cut through the ignorance and density of this sense mind. You have offered me the true wealth of incarnation through our brief encounters —that gift of 'knowing' of the truth of my Being! Thank You! Small words of gratitude and this meagar monetary compensation hardly fit the Bill. I wish to give the added assurance that your time and words, your consciousness, are not lost on this 'one'. You help me see myself and my path clearly, expanding my potential, nurturing the seeds of the globally transformational visions wishing to come forth through me."


(G. Motin, WA)
“There is an amazing teacher in Hood River, Oregon. Elle Collier Re is an advaitic mystic and a truly awakened individual. I've worked personally and in large workshops with many teachers in my spiritual journey (including Jean Houston and a host of well-known others), and never met anyone like her. Elle doesn't have a book to sell, but she should; when in her presence, the teaching never stops. Remarkable does not begin to describe her.”
(J. Lumiere-Wins, CA)
“What I love about you is what you evoke in me, among which is, the recognition of the Uniqueness of each of us as Expressions of the Divine. It's not about sitting in satsang and waking up myself; it's about recognizing and invoking the divine in each other.” 

(A. Kaplan, CA)

“My life can never be what it was before. I can never be who I was before. I had thought, even dreaded, that what I felt up in Hood River would slowly dissipate as I ventured back into my daily life. Instead, it has become more clear to me with each passing day that my life has changed forever. There is a birth, and what joy there is! And there is also a death. There is no sorrow really, just an awareness that day by day I will be reteaching myself this new way of being, and that I must allow a certain time period to purge myself of habits and ways of being that have served me, certainly, but that serve me no longer.”


(A. Gregory, WA)

"That which claimed me is dead. That which was always patiently awaiting my resurrection, is fully brilliant, sparkling with awe and splendor, at my return. Coming home —no where to go; nothing to do; no one to be; just pure, bubbling spirit present in each precious moment. The humor would astound and amaze, perhaps even embarrass the serious self who used to reside here."

(R. Scheurer , NJ)

"Thanks so much for just being there ... words cannot express your authenticity and genuine healing work in the spiritual unfoldment of this world. If I could only clone you a few hundred thousand times ... then you could reach more people in this world. It is so refreshing and wonderful to have crossed your path and experienced your divine essence and unconditional love."

(L. Faulkner, HI)

"Elle's work is in answer to the call from Heaven for the asleep divine to awaken! 
It is the long-awaited gate to Union. It is the gate where the soul may direct us to wholeness of itself bringing us to the threshold of Truth where Love is the only answer to all things. It is the greatest outpouring of generosity and observance of our way as we each are enfolded in the Great Presence. This is the Presence that stands with us through it all, constant and benevolent, yet allowing only that which will clear the fog and stun us into wholeness. Elle, Annam, is the servant of this Presence, loving us all as the chariot to God."
(Brian, ND)
"You are in my thoughts -- if not every day -- nearly every day ... a deep sense of thankfulness for what I have been given from you. My AA sponsor tells me you brought more positive change to me in the last five years than any other person. He's right."


(L. Gray, CT)
"It is so interesting to see how your work with me just keeps manifesting and unfolding! I am so grateful."


(F. Enteshari, CA)

"When I was 15 years old, I searched for God on my own and I was with God. Unexpected things happened to me and I thought God left me alone to show me I was not good enough to worship Him. When I was 19, I was looking for a teacher who could teach me things that led to the 'true me'. I never thought I would be fortunate enough to see that day. Thank you for being my spiritual healer and teacher. Thank you for making me get the answer from inside me and not outside me."


(Sheela, India)

"Our meeting still reverberates within. I have seen things not seen before since being with you.
I am most grateful for the gift of You."


(ML Morton, CA)

"The wisdom and depth of what I received from you was/is so full of Grace and blessings. It is almost too overwhelming to fathom. Please, know how magnificent your work has been with me. I have literally stepped into a new world, and I know I have barely begun. Thank you! Thank you! Joy has overtaken me!"


(J.Douglass, NY)

"As soon as I heard your voice, I was aware that something had softened and opened inside me.
I felt a depth of pure Love and appreciation of your Presence and caring in a way I haven't experienced before. Thank you for being there."


(S. Floyd, OR)

"Every journey begins when you say yes to what is then unknown. Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you will learn that all the steps were known to your heart before the first step was taken. In this sacred dance the unknown which calls you is your own higher name. It is spoken always in your heart of hearts, waiting only to be heard above the din of the lower mind's constant searching for the true way to know its own name. When you have searched a long time grace may then find you and send you a friend who knows well the ways of light and spirit. In this gift there is still much mystery, and yet a resonant tone which says 'Here you have found more than you imagined.' So it has been to know you. In love's name you are blessed in return."



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