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ZOOM – Virtual meetings

If you are new to these Practicums, get acquainted with Annam's way of interviewing Source Consciousness. Click on the About menu above to find interesting interviews, podcasts, videos.

A personal interview is needed to come to these Zoom studies.
email to set up an initial Zoom interview:
   • Annam at G8ofGood at gmail

Ongoing awakenings, and the ensouling of your life, require alignment, connectivity, and commitment. These Meetings are potent focusers.
As the streaming Energy is welcomed, self-regard can begin to relax, opening you in ways that startle. Once the Reasoning of G—d translates and integrates within the mind, laughter at yourself, even at the solemnity and rigor you once thought necessary, may burst you 'open at the Seems'.



“I could not speak. Something was happening. 
My heart...expanding? How does one even bring words to describe these places?! I felt you with me. I felt you speaking directly to what I was experiencing, as if you were exactly with me. That you were actually here, all the way beside or even inside me. I can’t tell you what that feels like... Truth! Heart-flooding truth. 
The door of something did just close behind me—the idea that I was separate from spirit. The idea that I was ever separate.

—(J.G., CO)