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—— Monday through Friday ——
10 minute Silent Unity + 20 minute Epilogue
7a pt

 8a mt

9a ct
10a et

    3p gmt
  4p cet
   5p eet


  —— Saturdays:——
'SOUL Pragmatism' 

(60 minutes-ish)

 8:30a pt

  9:30a mt

10:30a ct

11:30a et

     4:30p gmt
   5:30p cet
   6:30p eet

N O T E:
Be aware of switches between standard time and daylight savings. Different states and countries either do not observe the switch or have a different timing for them. ​

Soul of solutions

ZOOM – Virtual meetings

An ongoing immersive practice is necessary to support the ensouling of one's embodiment. These Meetings are realizably potent and affirming. Each who enters must want the clarity of holistic understanding, and the Grace of the GodLight overthrowing the mental throne by the minute. (pun intended)

Take a read through the glossary, and perhaps some testimonials for a preview. There are also podcasts and interviews to employ.

An interview is needed to come to any of these Zoom studies.
Just click the link below to begin.
   • TeachingofAnnam at gmail

Testimonial:“I could not speak. Something was happening. My heart... expanding?  How does one even bring words to describe these places! I Felt you, speaking directly to what I was experiencing; that you were actually here, all the way beside or even inside me. I can’t tell you what that feels like... It was the experience of Truth! Heart-flooding truth. The door of something did just close behind me—the idea that I was separate from spirit. The idea that I was ever separate.(J.G., CO)

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