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Deciphering 'Word'
These definitions are quite META.
Our language can only do justice to truisms
via innuendo...doors, if you will.
Go within. 

Ask for recognition.

Insight needs focus. True Insight occurs only when guided by altruism—Love.
Altruistic Love that has no preemption by culture.
Unbiased, open intrigue starts in this Way.
Altruistic Love causes 
the rudimentary discovery of God-rules.
(pun intended)

On a very human level:
if you look up the etymology—origin of words—meanings may begin to flesh out.
(the long dash implies incalculable Agency of Influence).

Of 29 ways to consider the plural reality of which G—d  just IS,

here are 3:
  1. G—d as Script 
  2. G–d as Love, that Good shall manifest
  3. G–d as Act

~ ~ ~ 

A n g e l s 
Presenters of G—d.
Translate. Broadcast.
They are who are Made of The Reason—Law—of Divine Say.
They prevent separation from G—d.

A w a k e 
Wholistic intrigue!
Fascination with the holy mystery of Connectivity.

B r e a t h 
Maker Energy. Holy Creative.
is of the all and energizes preference.
B r e a t h is offered to focus us to do Good.

C o r e
The holy Guard.
It keeps daemons from disturbing the Way of Good. 
Via this holy Core, there is a way out of demise.

A quality of G—d that reserves all for use.
DA is Mystery of Wholeness
 that moves Word into our consciousness.
(review 'Word' below,)

D a e m o n
Sparkle of ‘G—d SO’ .
It is... and yet nothing is clear about its reason for alertness.
So the Sparkle of G—d SO made an 'apparatus' called I am. 
Through this apparatus everything is in-process, ad infinitum.
This substantively motivates ongoingness, which, surely, must be at the very least, part of a
 reason for being.....?
And, It likes Mystery. Riddles are, after all, a purposed Vocation.

Each of us has an original daemon.
Our origin nature is caused by G–d to repeat the history of G–d... infinitum.
The origin daemon was created to stay exactly a
s created to be.
Yet, within the swirl of remembrance, most revolted, for each intimately Knew its key nature to be Remedy—Agent of shift.
Separating from the HOST ALL IS, it sought to improve the collective WIT  through desire for integration. 

All daemons have Causative intrigue. The causative Word of G—d, replicated by our daemon, Caused dark to hide in. .

D E I 
Also called DAY!
DEI has
 durability and purpose.
ITS Time is not measurable.
DEI unveils and clarifies.

D e n d r i t e 
Dendrites force information to motivate answer.
Each person is just dendrite—a carrier nature,
part of a massive, multi-layered link system.
As dendrites, we are flow-through connectors; a link
within the complex of unfolding wave-intelligence.

D e s i g n
Each Design is an Enactment of G—d. It is flawless.
As Tenet, it only comes to fruition
when G—d Causes a way.

Only L o v e manifests D e s i g n.

E g o 
The experiencer. Ego id made of intrigue.

F o r G i v e 
All that is gathered in each moment needs to be resonated on to the G—d level. Only then are mis-takes correctable.

G o o d ... (G——d)
Puts L o v ewhole Function—to use.

H u m i l i t y 
Does not recognize itself.
Humility is not comprehended in isolation.
It works in tandem ...
with humor, forgiveness, and gratefulness.

H u m o r 
Is Nature. 

It keeps us alert to riddle and process.
It helps us realize.

Humor is force of flow
—a force of G—d!

this you will never know.

I  S 
No thing. Non-particle.
It is elastic. 
IS absolves and absorbs the Light of 11 dimensions,
yet has no way to be measured.
I S is always pre-pubescent, introspecting.
I S has prescience, yet is only current.

A non-dimensional riddle that (as if a net)
covers all flow with perception.
Neither G—d, nor not.
Always unfolding wholism,
ISNESS has no perversion of time.

Light is the second born: Illumination
Intelligent; penetrating; resistant.
LIGHT glows. IT is mischievous if allowed to move on its own
rather than supporting the means for L o v e to move it.

Without L o v e, L i g h t is (d)evil.

L o v e 
The 1st born of ALL-THAT-IS.
From L o v e...
Light— follows.

L o v e is not a word. Love IS.

L o v e does not know itself, yet is zealous for G—d.
L o v e motivates a renewal of G—d  zeal
and sees to
our Keep in G—d.

M i n d
Reasoning daemon.
There is no mind unless there is a sense form.

M o m e n t 
An impetus into insight and incentive.

Each moment gathers a theme.
There are holy Moments...each with wholeness Themes.


Holy Moments are held in Stasis
G—d Purposed SAID.

Moments are what already is
and shall not undo.

N a m a s t e 
Welcoming Wholeness and pure Presence in each.

“From the divine within, I recognize and am in allegiance to
the divine within you.”

N a m e 
Exactness of purposefulness.
true Name rarely descends into the 3rd dimension
unless Love deScribes one ready
for G—d  to motivate and express through.

R e a l i t y 
Having nothing false nor imagined.

What is pre-Sent.
Not to be changed...for it is Named Right.
When one is Called  to receive and revive the Said,
G—d Causes a viable experience
through Angelic Sound Current.

T e a c h e r
Only L o v e enlightens.
A true Teacher does not deliver through the jaws of mind.

L o v e charges each Word with the majesty of presence
L o v e brings the provisioning and the prowess
of seeing to each situation in the precision only L o v e Has.

Fullness that does not spend itself.
W h o l e n e s s.—.All that IS— 
is THAT.

W e i r 
A lightly held Dam of 'Supply'.
If minds are too narcissistic, a Weir
immobilizes souls .
IT regulates how Truth works out solutions on earth.
TheWeir helps substantiate and calm our nervous system
so that we can easily mine for Truth.

W e l l 
Healthy Functionality. 
Well is Holiness. It sees to insanities of every style.
If you are Well, even daemons review their course when nearby. Some Realize

W o r d 
Word IS the ‘Forth’ G—d.
It approximates G—d Nature.
W o r d presents illumination in a manner that enlightens us.

IT begins to coordinate current. It activates.
Word is anointed purpose. Act follows every Word.  
If holy, it carries Good into function.

True Word manifests via undivided, impersonal Love.
Only if it has the Sound of G—d in it is Word causal
—motivating changes in flow and converse.
Holy Word
does not change.

Y e s h u a 
A Sun of One Viable Word  brought an Angel of Good into Miriam’s womb to meet the infant. 
As he was just crowning his way here, the Angel began inducing a great viability of Oneness into the newborn’s
G—d genome, that He be able to say and imbue the words he used with the true Sound of G—d.

Y e s h u a became Agent of G—d...
made to appear to any who are willed to Know G—d,
that each be thus entered by the I AM,
and born again here as Agent of G—d.

Although He is called by many names:
Jesus; Son of G—d; Christ; Counsellor...
He is the constant Pre-Sent that Incites the Truth of

'As it is in the Beginning, is now, and ever shall be,


without end'.

Z e r o 
Fundament of LIGHT prior to an Identity.
In the recognition that there is nothing to attend from sense mind,
we are made into precept, and Sent forth as Good.

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