The VocaBulary
a short glossary of words
used in this teaching
Read each definition with care, sensing its holy recourse...
one that takes repetition to interact with intuitively. 

Constantly look up the etymology. 
The words used are often multi-layered and point into a holy Cure.


Divine provocateur.  SO. The All True.
(the long dash implies the mysterious Well of God).

Exactly fills the need.

Contemplate this: G—d IS Adequate.

Presenters of G—d.
They cause whole awareness to appear instead of thoughts. They may arrange a mind so that it can understand Good and cease its constant debate.

Insightful, available, and holistic awareness. When truly and totally awake, one becomes as the All Real —the SO.  

Maker Energy. Holy Creative. Breath is of the all that ongoingly exchanges the odd, the unneeded, for the furnishing energy of Good—what is needed.

A holy Moment of great durability and purpose. 
  The DAY is THAT which draws near to earth to unveil and clarify the Way and Its Reason.

Self-emphatic I. Sparkle of ‘G—d SO’  that respected its Name of Being so strongly it did not seek The DAY. 
It sought to hide. 
A daemon is staid rather than unfolding, seeking itself and whatever and whomever seems to fulfill it.

Humans are dendrites. That’s all we are. Dendrites pass information. Each person is a carrier nature, part of a massive, multi-layered link system.  As dendrites, we are flow-through connectors, a link within the complex of unfolding intelligence.

Each Design is an enactment of G—d. It is flawless.
 As Tenet, it only comes to fruition when G—d Causes a way.  
No flesh can support higher Design. Only whole Love can.

The experiencer. Made of past intrigue.

Each moment, and all that abides therein, needs to be given to a (w)holier vision and keeper. 
Our first means to know the way through disturbance and argument into a keen vantage is to forgive.
 Forgiveness lets us gather the reasoning of Good. Now.
 We need to come to the realization of The All True—that which exceeds our sense mind understanding. And give all we see, hear, feel, and are interested in, to that upper Lens

Puts Love into use. Just Love.

Humility does not recognize itself. Nor can it be comprehended in isolation. It works in tandem with humor, forgiveness, and gratefulness. It provides the very way we can walk, in rightness, together.

Is nature. Humor is of fluid... of flow. 
Humor is a force of G—d (but this you will never know.)
 Humor keeps us alert to riddle and process. 
Humor can burden or help realization. 

No thing. Non-particle. 
It is an elasticity absolving and absorbing the Light of 11 dimensions, yet has no way to be measured.
 It is always prepubescent introspecting ... no self-replicating. 
 It has prescience and Current...a non-dimensional riddle that, like a net, covers all flow with perception. Neither G—d nor not. Always unfolding holism, it has no perversion of time.

 Light is the second born. Intelligent, penetrating, piercing resistance. It glows and is mischievous if allowed to move on its own rather than supporting the means for Love to move it. Without Love, Light is (d)evil.

Love is the 1st born of ALL-THAT-IS. 
From Love, illumination —Light— follows.
  Love is not a word. Love IS.
  Love does not know itself, yet is zealous for G—d.
  Love motivates a renewal of G—d zeal. 
Love sees to our Keep in G—d.

Reasoning daemon. There is no mind unless there is form.

An impetus into insight and incentive. 
 Each moment gathers into a theme. 
There are holy Moments, each with wholeness Themes. 
Holy Moments are held in Stasis, as G—d Purposed SAID —what already is and shall not undo.

A welcoming of the Whole, as the ongoing Presence, in each.

Exactness of purposefulness. Design’s purpose. 
  The True Name is not of earth...almost never descending here unless Love has deScribed you as ready for G—d to motivate and express through.

Orders and releases of current, happening ongoingly.

Having nothing false nor imagined.


What is pre-Sent ...not to be changed. 
For it is Named Right. When one is Called to receive and revive the Said, God makes Its Nature have viable Appearance through an Angel or Sound Current.

Only Love enlightens. A true Teacher does not deliver through the jaws of mind. 
 It is Love that charges each offering of word—and, yes, even the atoms—with the majesty of Presence. 
It is this Love that brings the provisioning, and the prowess of seeing to each situation in the precision only Love has.

Fullness that does not spend itself. Wholeness. All that IS, is in THAT.

Weir is a catch ‘net’ in the Current.  It can refer to being snared when following an unholy current, or... to being Lightly Held in a holy Keep. 
Weir is used as a metaphor, and... is an actual word for the maneuver that Truth (G—d Reality) uses to draw and slow, quiet and calm our nervous system into ‘weir’ (where) we more easily mine for truth.


Refers to our natural state of positive alignment to Good. It sees to insanities of every style, and even daemons 

Word IS the ‘Forth’ G—d.
It approximates G—d Nature.
Word presents illumination in a manner that enlightens us.
 Word begins to coordinate current. It is an activator. 
Act follows every word. 
Only if it has the Sound of G—d in it, is it causal
—motivating changes in flow and converse. 
Yet Holy Word does not change.
Word is anointed purpose. If holy, it carries Good into function. 

True Word manifests only via undivided, impersonal Love.

A Sun of One Viable Word brought an Angel of Good into Miriam’s womb, to meet the infant. 
As he was just crowning his way here, the Angel began inducing a great viability of Oneness into the newborn’s God genome, that he be able to say and imbue the words he used with the true Sound of God. 
 Yeshua became Agent of God, made to appear to any who are willed to Know God, that each be thus entered by the I AM, and BORN again here, as another Agent of God.
   Although He is called by many names and explicatives—Jesus; Son of God; Christ; Counsellor—
He is the constant Present that Incites the Truth of, ‘As it is in the Beginning, is now, and ever shall be, 
God without end'.

 Fundament of LIGHT.  It has no host I Am and Identity yet...
     ...and yet...
in the reCognition that there is zero —nothing— to attend from sense mind, 
we are gathered in by Whole Light, Made into Precept, and Sent forth as Good.

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