Purpose and Teaching

The language and energy Annam supplies is a stepped down transmission of Prescience—foreknowing. Annam knows it as G–dWord.

Read the glossary.
Contemplate each definition. It will lead you to know something of the 
mysterious 4th dimensional soul level. It is this level that arranges us to realize original purpose.

Annam's careful use of language exceeds us until we learn to reside within the current of each transmission. You become aware of moving through a series of passages. Every passage is a consciousness shift, taken one by one as truth is realized and awakened in you. 

Many veils of partial truth reveal and dissolve. You are advised how to delve into the mysteries of existence; how to shift from ordinary sense awareness; how to awaken inner vision and expression.


Releasing into THAT which does not die away. 

This is the Course. 
Success is enCoded.