Residential Program

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This 2 month-long residency is designed for those who wish to fully dedicate to a mentored consciousness practice, and who sense that living with a Teacher in a community environment will focus the mind and heart in ways private practice cannot.



• breathe, eat, work, play, rest, interact conscientiously

• practice love and unity in all aspects of life

• communicate honestly

...careful to wonder the dilemmas out loud
• take direction

• adapt to changing requests

R E Q U I R E M E N T S—
• great sense of humor

• physical, mental, emotional wherewithal

• interest in working, living, and practicing with others

• ability and willingness to participate in daily service, e.g., upkeep of the building; cleaning; cooking; maintenance;  gardening.....

2 MONTH Residency Contribution:

 • $3900
— (includes MENTORING, food, lodging, utilities)

If interested in a shorter immersion:


see that category under 'Offerings'.. and 'In Person MENTORING'.


Contact Annam for an interview.

Please give us a phone number and a note to verify this is a legitimate request.


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